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​Qualified truck drivers are getting harder to recruit. In the light of our current market, you need to consider the most effective ways to recruit truck drivers. Getting creative and thinking outside of the box when it comes to your strategy and media plan is crucial. Here are six go-to strategies for recruiting drivers in today’s market:

Referral Program

​The best advocates for carriers are their current drivers. Referral programs allow carriers to utilize their existing driver network to identify potential candidates. It allows carriers to have a higher quality hire. During the hiring process, it can be difficult for carriers to determine how good of a fit a driver will be for their company. However, the chances of a referred candidate being a good fit is much higher than someone you are interviewing by application alone. Why is that? Employees know that when they refer someone for a job, the quality of the candidate reflects on them too. Carriers don’t want to risk being responsible for bringing in a poor-quality driver, or worse, being responsible for a bad hire. When an employee refers a driver, they are endorsing their skills and experience as well as someone they envision themselves working with.

Search Engine Marketing

85% of all job searches begin with a search engine. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most important marketing channel that generates web traffic and has proven to be one of top 3 hiring strategies for drivers. SEM is also immediate and cost-effective. It is accessible for both small and large carriers. SEM will help carriers increase brand awareness, increase visibility of their website traffic, and target an audience that is already interested in them based on specific demographics and keywords. SEM also provides measurable results. SEM may take a while before it flourishes, but it will provide quality traffic from day one. ​

Social Media

Drivers use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is important for carriers to be visible to their audience. Drivers are doing their research before they decide to apply to a company. One place a potential driver looks for information is Facebook. Carriers are encouraged to have daily postings on their Facebook/Instagram pages that highlight and promote their company culture such as driver highlights, video testimonials, company events, contests, and other engaging content. Social media is a great place to give your drivers a peek in the window of what it’s like to be an employee of your company. ​

Hiring Events

​Hiring Events are one of the oldest tricks in the book, but technology has helped make these easier than ever. Hiring events allow carriers to gain access to many qualified drivers at once. Hosting these events also allows carrier to have face to face interaction, which can help with personalizing the relationship and reducing the lead-to-hire timeframe. Whether you have a hiring event in person or online, be sure to make it memorable for the driver.

Lead Assist

Don’t let the word “Artificial Intelligence” scare you. Lead Assist is a tool developed by Conversion Interactive Agency to help make it simple for drivers to contact you through social media. When the driver initiates a conversation via Facebook Messenger, he/she will likely prefer that method of communication. Lead Assist walks the driver through a short form to collect information. Once the form is complete, Lead Assist will pass the information to your recruiters to work the lead. Consider Lead Assist the new phone call.

Reputation Management

Your employer brand is critical when it comes to how drivers perceive you as a potential employer. According to a study from Indeed, 83% of applicants say that employee reviews impact where they apply. 46% of applicants say a company’s reputation has a big impact on a decision to accept a job, and 97% of driver applicants research a company during the application process. Carriers should protect their brand from criticism and focus on building a better, stronger online reputation.

If your driver recruiting strategy needs a boost, consider implementing one or all of these six go-to strategies. Not sure where to start? Complete our form below, and let’s chat soon!

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