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As a transportation professional, you’re probably aware of the immense effort that goes into recruiting CDL-A truck drivers. Between keeping track of qualified applicants and onboarding new candidates, the hiring process can feel overwhelming, especially when added to the everyday responsibilities of running a trucking company. So how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions?​

This is why we need analytics – tools that use relevant data to determine effectiveness and pinpoint patterns. With analytics like the three listed below, you have a better understanding of your carrier’s hiring conversion rates, which will help you calculate costs and make important decisions in less time. And because each empty truck sitting on your lot costs your company an average of $750 per day, it goes without saying that time is money…​

​Quality of Hire – This metric is one of the most important when it comes to the recruiting process because it identifies the number of hires that lead to quality employees. Hiring managers can use this data to help filter out applicants who are less qualified for a truck driving job, saving massive amounts of time and money.

​Source of Hire – Another incredibly important metric, Source of Hire analytics tell you what percentage of candidates came from which source, whether through job boards, search engine marketing, referrals, CDL-A schools, or social media. Simply put, it answers the question, “Where do my hires come from?” This information is tremendously helpful in determining whether you’re spending your recruiting budget in all the right places.

Cost-Per-Hire – CPH is a key metric that combines internal and external recruitment costs with the number of positions filled. Calculating Cost-Per-Hire provides measurable data and insights into the overall efficiency of your recruiting process. The lower your CPH, the more effective your efforts have been!​

Keep in mind the analytics listed here, while immensely important, are only a few pieces out of the whole puzzle. Luckily, Conversion Interactive can help your hiring and recruiting managers establish which metrics are right for your company and interpret the resulting data. With Conversion on your side, you have tools like our LeadLink Data Command Center, so you can stop worrying about empty trucks and stay focused on recruiting drivers and running your business.

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