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With a new year comes a fresh opportunity to meet new driver recruiting goals. While 2019 saw the slowdown of freight, the 2020 outlook for the transportation industry is a little more optimistic.

As carriers plan for 2020, they’ll likely try to increase or maintain hiring goals year over year. If you’re motivated to hit your driver hiring goals in 2020, here are some best practices to make sure you’re prepared. These practices will help you increase your conversions of apps to hires and hit your monthly hiring goals.

  1. Measure your KPIs. As part of your annual tracking, make sure to measure your goals consistently this year. This includes measuring your incoming leads, apps, hires and more that come from your open positions. Having a centralized dashboard, like Conversion Interactive Agency’s LeadLink platform, will ensure you’re monitoring your real-time progress of results. You’ll be able to measure your job activity, leads, apps and more, all broken out by advertising source. With a robust command center like LeadLink, you can easily make changes based on best performing ad sources.
  2. Be innovative with your advertising. 2020 is the perfect opportunity to try new advertising strategies. As drivers’ job-hunting habits adjust, new strategies will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. One of these strategies is using LeadAssist, an innovative lead nurturing tool designed to keep leads engaged across the application process. LeadAssist works much like a chatbot but with more advanced capabilities. The tool can integrate on your Facebook page, landing page or full application. Through the tool, drivers can reach out asking questions, all while their information is captured and submitted to your applicant tracking system (ATS).
  3. Refresh recruiter training. If there’s been changeover on your recruiting team or even some time has passed since the last training, January presents a great opportunity to do a refresher course. As part of it, you’ll want to make sure your recruiting team is in alignment about the information they capture, as well as the kind of outreach they do. Make sure they’re also comfortable in your ATS and know how the new Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Registration will affect the onboarding process.

Following these simple steps will ensure success in the new year. Interested in developing a hiring plan for 2020? Fill out the form below to get started with a custom 2020 strategy, designed to help you find drivers, increase hires and reduce your cost-per-hire.

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