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As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube remains an undeniable marketing tool. According to a recent driver survey conducted by Conversion Interactive Agency and Professional Driver Agency, over 60.6% of drivers view YouTube videos at least once a week, with 40% of those drivers tuning into the platform daily. The fact that this platform is so popular among drivers begs the question, what is your current video strategy?

If you don’t have the answer to that question just yet, don’t worry. YouTube can be an intimidating platform at first, but we are here to help. Here are a few answers to the most critical questions:

What types of YouTube videos should I make?

The types of videos that you share on this platform should answer these two questions at the same time:

  • What does my trucking company stand for?
  • What do my drivers care about?

Your brand’s video content should not be only about recruiting. Drivers are interested in being entertained, informed, and celebrated. When asked what type of videos drivers watch the most, 32.9% of drivers said they prefer comedy or funny videos. Make videos that show that your company stands for something and cares about the drivers you aim to recruit.

How do I increase my organic reach on YouTube?

Once you have videos ready to post, it’s time to focus on increasing the reach. Here are a few simple tasks that can help you gain a larger audience.

  • Write an engaging title. The title is one of the primary signals YouTube’s algorithm and viewers look at to evaluate your video.
  • Create a standout thumbnail. 90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have one thing in common when it comes to thumbnails: they are custom.
  • Make sure that your description is detailed with keywords and write them in natural-sounding sentences.

How can I create enough content to maintain my channel?

Here’s a truth you have to accept—investing in video content does not have to break your budget. Simple produced videos from a smartphone are just as impactful, even in some cases more engaging than large production-type videos. Get creative and be authentic.

The short of this is, you already know why you should be prioritizing YouTube as a platform: because drivers are. Video content is what drivers want, so make the best of it by including it in your recruiting

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