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About Us

Carriers want to grow their fleet, fill their trucks, and retain their truck drivers – we know how to make that happen. At Conversion Interactive Agency, we have been providing innovative driver recruiting and retention strategies focused on delivering the results carriers need to reach their goals for over 30 years.

Conversion is the core component of our identity because our focus will always be on driving conversions for our clients. In today’s digital world, converting impressions to clicks, clicks to leads, and leads to hires is the name of the game, and we’re confident our process and strategic approach is the best in the industry.

Our expertise, experience, knowledge and strengths are built on the foundation of services we provide and the strategy network that we operate within. We really shine when it comes to digital and social media strategy, driving conversions, inspiring brands with results-driven creative work, and executing a comprehensive media mix for our clients.

The Team Behind the Arrow

The Team Behind The Arrow
The Team Behind The Arrow

The Conversion Interactive Agency Team has decades of experience in the national truck driver advertising market – specifically pertaining to recruiting for-hire and over-the-road truck drivers. The Leadership and Vision Zone team members alone have more than 100 years of experience in trucking, and the overall team has over 200 years of experience in truck driver recruitment advertising and marketing.

Our staff includes many employees who previously worked at for-hire motor carriers (recruiting directors, marketing directors, etc.), worked in the trucking industry media, and/or for other truck driver advertising agencies. Our expertise and knowledge of the trucking industry is second to none.

Process Graph
Process Graph

Meet the Leadership Team

Kelley Walkup, President & CEO – 28 years in Transportation & Driver Recruitment Advertising

The leader of Conversion Nation, Kelley defines the vision for the organization, challenges the team to always improve the client experience, and activates innovation for the driver recruitment industry. And … she throws one heck of a party!

Brad Holthaus, Senior Vice President of Sales – 24 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

Growing the business and leading our sales team, Brad helps find fleets that are looking for a partner committed to their driver recruiting and retention efforts. And … he’s our resident Alabama fan. You’ve been warned.

Priscilla Peters, Vice President of Marketing & Training – 23 years in Transportation & Driver Recruitment Advertising

Telling our story and helping our clients tell theirs, leading our industry events, and developing our team are where Priscilla spends her time. And … she unapologetically can quote almost any 90’s rap song on cue

Erin Young, Vice President of Client Services – 25 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

Working with clients to solve their challenges and lead our team of account executives in delivering the mind-blowing client experience is where you’ll find Erin. And … She’s the OG with more tenure here than anyone one on the team.

Steve Sichterman, Vice President of Client Services – 35 years in Transportation & Driver Recruitment Advertising

Helping clients overcome recruiting and retention challenges and working with recruiter teams to improve their skills and processes, Steve is always working with the Client Services team to support clients in reaching their goals. And … He’s our resident “Cliff Clavin” providing us with facts we never knew (or even asked for) about pretty much everything.

Chris Sellitto, Controller – 15 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

Managing finance for Conversion Interactive, Chris works with our accounting team to successfully lead us as we invest in future innovation while remaining a financially healthy organization. And … His golf game is legit.

Brian Johnston, Director of Digital Media – 14 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

Leading our digital and social media teams at driving conversions through results-driven strategy is at the core of what Brian oversees at Conversion. And … he might seem like a gentle dude, but when his team hits the ice this Hockey fan means business.

Lance Britton, Director of Innovation – 21 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

Pioneering innovation for driver recruiting is at the core of our identity, and Lance leads these efforts with an ever-evolving pipeline of new ideas for recruiting teams in trucking. And … he’s guaranteed to travel with more pairs of shoes than anyone else in Conversion Nation.

Stacia Capponi, Director of Client Services – 7 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

Leading the team that delivers the mind-blowing client experience, Stacia focuses on exceeding client expectations while delivering results that help carriers grow their fleet. And … if there’s a competition, you want Stacia on your team – she’s the most competitive in our bunch!

Beverly Ringstaff, Creative Director – 19 years in Driver Recruitment Advertising

The leader of Conversion’s Factory of Ideas, Beverly manages our brand and design team as they deliver creative work built on powerful concepts and results-driven strategy. And … she brings the fun. Always.

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