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ConversioNEXT is the end-to-end technology platform for attracting, hiring, analyzing, and navigating recruiting and retention.

Technology to amplify your employer brand
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Group 11

ONE Platform enabling you to recruit smarter & retain better.

Your JOBS, your MEDIA PLAN, your DATA - all in ONE platform.

Group 12

INNOVATION driving cost savings.

Navigate the data story for your employer brand through predictive lead analysis based on your jobs, your spend, and where you need to hire.

Group 13

TECHNOLOGY delivering quality leads faster.

Marketing solutions driven by advanced AI automation, predictive optimization, and industry-leading historical data. We call these solutions Lead Assist & SEM Interactive, powered by ConversioNEXT. Our clients call them game changers.

Group 14

DATA to better manage your candidate pipeline.

Your campaign metrics, visibility into your performance data, and insight from industry data that matters for every step of the candidate journey.

For decades, Conversion has been on the forefront of talent acquisition innovation, and the ConversioNEXT platform is the technology hub for not only hiring in today’s market, but also the NEXT innovation in hiring for tomorrow.

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