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Driver Pay Is No Longer "Set It and Forget It"

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By: Janet Parr, National Sales Manager, Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: May 4, 2023

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As everyone in the trucking industry is painfully aware, filling and keeping truck seats occupied is a never-ending process. As drivers age out of their careers, the newer generation of drivers is demanding more of a work/life balance. The result is that carriers can no longer take a "set it and forget it" approach to driver pay and benefits offerings. Carriers that are late in acknowledging and adapting to this trend are bound to experience a higher turnover rate and a lower ratio of their fleet seats being filled.

Gone are the days when carriers could set driver pay on an annual basis and expect to fill their trucks. The current market dictates that to be competitive, carriers need to be flexible. So, the question is, if you must adjust your driver pay and benefits throughout your fiscal year, how do you know what to adjust it to, to be competitive in the current market?

The answer is Fleet Intel. The data and features on Fleet Intel enable carriers to see real-time driver pay in any zip code in the United States. Carriers can then confidently adjust their driver pay accordingly. Additionally, Fleet Intel features data on carrier benefits offerings. This can be especially helpful to carriers who don't feel positioned to alter driver pay but can perhaps make changes with regard to their benefits to be a more attractive employer to driver candidates.

Other benchmarking features, such as BLS data, give carriers an edge in knowing not only what driver pay needs to be advertised to attract applicants but also what specific areas the most CDL-A drivers reside in. This "fleet intel" can potentially save carriers thousands of dollars when making decisions on where and how to advertise for driver jobs.

To see for yourself how Fleet Intel can be of value to your fleet, contact Janet Parr, National Sales Manager at 615-538-5291 or to book a demo today.

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