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Driver Recruiting and Retention Agencies Release Q2 2023 Data Download

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By: Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Jul 25, 2023

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Conversion Interactive Agency and People. Data. Analytics. (PDA), two leading companies in the driver recruitment and retention sector, have released their Q2 2023 Driver Recruiting & Retention Data Download Report. Throughout the quarter, these agencies collected and analyzed data to provide an extensive overview of trends and valuable insights, enabling carriers to recruit smarter and retain better.

Amidst a slowing economy impacting driver recruitment, feedback, and turnover, both Conversion Interactive Agency and PDA have observed sustained intensity in driver competition throughout Q2. As industry insiders predict a more typical fall freight season, the significance of effective driver recruiting for carriers becomes even more evident. Preparing for the ongoing competitive driver market is paramount, ensuring fleets maintain a robust pipeline of drivers when freight volumes rebound.

"As we navigate the impact of the economic slowdown, the competition for drivers remains fierce. Carriers must prioritize smart recruiting strategies to secure a strong driver pipeline in the coming months,” said Kelley Walkup, president and CEO of Conversion Interactive Agency. “Our commitment is to assist carriers in recruiting smarter and retaining better, even amidst these challenges."

Of those recruitment strategies, the Q2 data revealed noteworthy achievements in awareness campaigns, with a significant impact from YouTube advertising in conjunction with employer brand search engine marketing. The report emphasized the importance of video assets in recruitment advertising, effectively strengthening employer brands and generating valuable leads. Moreover, the data highlighted search engine marketing as the top-performing cost-per-hire strategy. Additionally, regular boosted posts and page-like campaigns proved successful in expanding social media reach for carriers of all sizes. Engaging social media content was identified as a vital driver of interest for potential candidates. Lastly, vertical video format ads on social media were recognized as one of the fastest-growing lead sources during Q2.

"Year over year carriers are seeing a significant increase in engagements on social media channels with potential drivers after adding boosted posts and page-like campaigns,” stated Walkup. "Leveraging social media strategies in your recruitment efforts is vital in maintaining competitiveness in today’s driver market. You can put advertising dollars behind your social media strategy, but if the content on your social channels is not engaging, it’s going to be a challenge to make a connection with drivers,” added Walkup.

In Q2, 2023, according to the Data Download Report, equipment issues remained the top concern for drivers, continuing the trend observed in Q1 of 2023. However, compensation issues were virtually tied with equipment issues as the top driver frustration for the third consecutive quarter.

Highlighting the impact of the freight recession on drivers' paychecks, the report indicates that 60% of drivers who faced compensation issues in Q2 attributed it primarily to mileage-related concerns. Of those drivers, 70% identified "Loads Not Available" and "Inconsistent Miles" as the two major factors affecting their compensation.

Scott Dismuke, VP of Operations at PDA, acknowledged the importance of addressing driver concerns and enhancing communication during this period. "Open and proactive communication with drivers is vital to stay ahead of issues before they escalate,” said Dismuke. Responding to drivers in a timely manner is equally crucial, as the Q2 data revealed that slow response times are a top communication issue for drivers. By respecting drivers and keeping them rolling, carriers can reduce equipment-related frustrations and enhance driver satisfaction, according to Dismuke.

"The data clearly indicates the ongoing impact of the freight recession on driver compensation," said Dismuke. "Compensation issues have risen by 9% since the beginning of 2022, and the current freight recession continues to be a major source of frustration for drivers, contributing to the industry-wide rise in turnover. Miles-related compensation issues remain a top area of dissatisfaction, with 60% of drivers citing miles as the primary reason for their frustration in Q2. The year-over-year comparison reveals a concerning increase of over 15% in miles-related compensation issues since Q2 of 2022. Addressing these challenges head-on is crucial for carriers to retain and attract drivers during these challenging times."

Walkup and Dismuke remain confident that with optimized strategies harnessing the best in cutting-edge technology, and collecting actionable data from drivers, fleets can face challenges head-on and recruit smarter and retain better.

To access the full report, click here.

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