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Recruiting 101: How to Turn Leads into Drivers

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By: Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

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Attracting and retaining skilled drivers is essential for the success of any carrier. We've put together some valuable tips to help you optimize your recruiting efforts and leverage your applicant tracking system (ATS).

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  1. Define Hot Leads in Your ATS

Hot lead status is a critical factor when it comes to recruiting. It refers to potential drivers who have shown interest in your carrier and are more likely to convert into drivers. It could be a newly submitted or resubmitted full application, leads who have been sent a link, those who have scheduled an orientation, or leads with whom a recruiter has spoken.

It's essential to define hot lead status in your ATS and ensure that your recruiters know which ones they are. By doing so, you can focus your efforts on engaging with the most promising leads and improving your chances of success.

  1. Don't Forget to Nurture Short Forms

Short forms are an excellent way to collect information from potential leads. However, adding them to a drip campaign and leaving them there is not enough. Instead, make an effort to reach out to them through various forms of communication.

Phone calls, texts, and emails are great ways to engage with your database, but don't rely solely on automated messages. Personal communication can help establish a stronger connection with your leads and improve the chances of converting them into drivers.

  1. Building Relationships is Key to Standing Out

Establishing personal relationships with potential drivers is a powerful way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Take the time to smile, enjoy the process, and connect with the driver. Remember that recruiters are the frontline warriors and ambassadors for the carrier.

Recognizing the value of a driver's hard work is crucial to successful recruiting efforts. By understanding their needs and concerns, you can build trust and establish a rapport that will make them more likely to choose your carrier.

  1. Express Your Gratitude in Every Conversation

Finally, demonstrating gratitude in every conversation can have a significant impact. Remember to express your appreciation by saying "thank you" to every driver, whether it's through a phone call, email, or text. This simple gesture can make them feel valued and appreciated, increasing their loyalty to your carrier.

In conclusion, recruiting drivers is a challenging but essential task for carriers. By defining hot leads in your ATS, nurturing short forms, building personal relationships, and expressing gratitude, you can optimize your recruiting efforts and turn potential leads into valuable drivers for your company.

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