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Case Study:

Fleet Intel Estimate Freight Bids Case Study Image

Challenge -
In a crucial meeting involving the pricing team at Roehl Transport, the need arose to gather accurate driver wage information for a bid. The team required reliable data to estimate driver wages promptly, as making an error in the estimation could have led to significant repercussions. The challenge was to quickly obtain accurate wage information and provide an initial ballpark figure to prevent potentially costly mistakes.

Solution -

To tackle the challenge, Tim Norlin, Vice President of Driver Employment at Roehl Transport, made a strategic decision to harness the power of Fleet Intel, the leading data community in the trucking industry. Recognizing the drawbacks of manual data collection, such as time consumption and potential
inaccuracies, Tim sought a more efficient solution. By utilizing Fleet Intel, he effortlessly logged into the platform on his laptop within seconds. This all-inclusive software solution provided him with swift access to real-time wage information for drivers. Leveraging the platform’s robust database, accurate wage data
could be obtained within minutes, eliminating the need for extensive manual research or reaching out to multiple sources. With its user-friendly interface, the software facilitated seamless
navigation, allowing users to effortlessly generate the necessary wage information. By harnessing the power of Fleet Intel, they not only met but exceeded their initial expectation of a mere
“ballpark” figure, providing precise and prompt wage data.


The utilization of Fleet Intel’s advanced features delivered exceptional results and addressed the challenges faced by the pricing team. By quickly providing accurate wage information, Tim was able to prevent a critical error in the estimation of driver wages, ultimately safeguarding the bid process. The prompt availability of reliable wage data allowed the pricing team to make informed decisions without the need for extensive rework. This not only saved valuable time but also prevented potential financial and logistical setbacks that could have resulted from inaccurate, estimated driver wages. Overall, by leveraging Fleet Intel, Roehl Transport was able to overcome the challenge of quickly obtaining accurate wage information, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and averted errors in the bidding process.

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