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Case Study:
Top of Funnel Driver Recruiting Strategies

Challenge: As a small, family owned and operated carrier, Davis Express sought to stand out in a heavily saturated market. Conversion Interactive Agency encouraged Davis Express to focus on top of funnel recruiting strategies to increase applicant quality and overall lead volume.

Solution: The Conversion team implemented a Tier 2 Search Engine and Social Media Advertising campaign to build top of funnel awareness into their driver recruitment strategy. Over time, we added in a Tier 1 campaign to target truck driver candidates who were actively and passively searching for truck driver jobs in the Davis Express hiring area.



of Total Hires Sourced by Tier 1 SEM



of Annual Budget on Tier 1 SEM

By incorporating these efforts into a top of funnel strategy, Davis Express saw increased hires within the first 60 days of implementing Tier 1 search campaigns. In 2020, they allocated a small percentage of their overall budget to the strategy, but saw a larger percentage of hires throughout the year.

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