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Case Study:
Lead Nurturing a Truck Driver Database

Challenge: Milan Supply Chain Solutions had many applicants stuck under “Attempting Contact” or “No Response” status within their truck driver applicant tracking system database.

Solution: We implemented Conversion’s lead nurturing tool, Lead Assist, to send an immediate text message to re-engage prequalified short forms. 48 hours after the candidate received the Lead Assist text message, they received a final text asking if they have already or would like to connect with a recruiter.



Short Forms Turned to Full Apps (in the first month)



Drivers Clicked-to-Call from the Text Campaign

Within the first month of implementing this lead nurturing campaign, Lead Assist helped turn short forms into full apps. From the final reminder text, multiple drivers used a click-to-call phone number to generate a live phone call with a recruiter, resulting in new hires and time-to-hire improvement.

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