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Case Study:
The Impact Of Technology On Getting More Full Applications Faster

Lead Assist is a cutting-edge technology designed to streamline driver recruitment.

It fosters seamless connections and speeds up the process of converting short forms into full applications using innovative technology that connects with drivers and converts leads to hires quickly.

  • Lead is generated through the workflow and enters ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
  • Lead is scored.
  • Job matches are configured.
  • SMS and email messages are dispatched with full application link and click-to-call option.
  • Lead Assist-Virtual Recruiter technology enables immediate connection with a recruiter.
  • If the call isn’t connected or it’s after hours/weekend:
    • SMS message is sent with full application link and job search details.
    • Call is scheduled for the next day.
    • Recruiters can schedule automated outbound calls via the message tab.

Recruiters can choose whether the call goes from the driver to the recruiter or vice versa. Lead Assist workflows work seamlessly, even outside regular business hours, ensuring no valuable leads are missed.

By using Lead Assist, your recruitment team can focus on crucial interactions, while the technology efficiently converts leads into complete applications.

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