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Case Study:

Fleet Intel Case Study

Challenge -
The VP of People Operations at Ascend was tasked with building a presentation for her C-Suite that included timely driver pay and benefits data for specific markets. With a short turnaround time and a lot riding on the information presented, she needed to ensure that the presentation was based on reliable and up-to-date information. However, finding comprehensive data on average driver salaries and job postings in specific areas was proving to be a challenge.

Solution -
The VP of People Operations turned to Fleet Intel to help gather all the necessary data in one place. Fleet Intel provided detailed information about average advertised salary, low and high advertised salary, the number of job postings, and the number of CDL holders available in the desired targeted areas. This allowed the presenter to quickly and easily analyze the data and build a factual presentation that was based on reliable information.


Thanks to Fleet Intel’s comprehensive data, the VP of People Operations was able to build a factual and well-informed presentation in record time. The data provided by Fleet Intel, including average advertised weekly salaries for drivers in the specific researched areas, allowed them to make a wellinformed decision on the appropriate salary to offer their drivers. The data collected helped the client build a presentation that was based on facts and timely analysis in record time.

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