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Advertising for Trucking: Why You Need a Mix of Strategies

By: Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Sep 26, 2018

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There was a time when truck driver recruiting strategy was straightforward and simple: place a newspaper ad, or post the job on your company website, and wait for the apps to come in. As we all know, those days are gone, and recruiting drivers is now much more complicated. Conversion Interactive’s job is to guide clients through that complex maze and generate strategies that reach drivers in today’s multi-layered media culture. More and more, it’s apparent one campaign can’t reach the audience or produce the best results, and multiple campaigns with multiple forms of media are not only recommended, but necessary, to reach the drivers you need for your company.

We’re often asked what our “favorite” campaign or the “best” media source is: search engine marketing, job boards, performance marketing campaigns or social media, just to name a few. The answer is, “all of these.” It’s hard to recommend one over another, because they each play an important role in the success of your advertising strategy, and this applies to even the smallest budget. The audience is just too big to put all your recruiting eggs in one basket. Expanding your media mix increases your exposure and your reach, and, in turn, your success.

Each campaign serves a different purpose within your unique strategy. Putting all your dollars into search engine marketing means you’ll definitely reach those drivers who type in those all-important keywords and searches, but what about that driver who “lives” on social media? Social media advertising is key to reaching those applicants – and social media is no longer just a young person’s game. Drivers of all ages can be easily targeted with social advertising and remarketing. Performance Marketing Campaigns also have a unique role in your advertising plan, as we utilize a completely different database to reach drivers along multiple platforms. Jobs boards, a more traditional way to target drivers, are still cost efficient and effective ways to reach active job seekers. Our research shows that drivers will have 8-12 touch points with a brand before deciding on accepting a position, and a comprehensive media mix creates multiple touch points along the way.

There is no “one size fits all” blend of campaigns that works for every client, but that’s what Conversion does best! We know your business inside out and work with you to find the right media mix for your needs. We’re proud of the mind-blowing client experience we deliver, and part of that is rooted in the comprehensive media mix we create for individual clients every day.

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