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Get to Know Ten4 Recruiting

By: Sydney Moore, Marketing Coordinator, Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Aug 8, 2022

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Ten4 Recruiting helps carriers recruit at their highest potential. Matt Beach, President of Ten4 Recruiting, sat down with the Conversion Interactive Agency team to discuss the ins and outs of recruiting in today’s driver market.

“If you are looking to fill that void you’re missing within your Tenstreet database, Ten4 is the right fit for you. We are a company who will help you get over the hump and reach out to the leads that you have,” said Beach. “At Ten4 we provide you with one or multiple recruiters that can jump right in and start working those leads.”

In any industry, recruiting brings many challenges. The trucking industry is no exception. While explaining some of the challenges we face as an industry, Beach said, “You always want to be able to add that extra hire to the books. Ten4 recruiters make those phone calls that you might struggle to keep up with and will add additional drivers for your carrier,” added Beach.

It is no secret that the driver shortage is growing every day. When working with carriers, Beach wants them to know the persistent need to think outside of the traditional recruiting box. Beach said, “Since our launch, Ten4 Recruiting has weathered driver shortage challenges that carriers face by implementing forward-thinking through Tenstreet savvy recruiting teams.”

The company is always looking for great recruiters to join the Ten4 team. “If you are new to the industry or a seasoned trucking veteran, Ten4 Recruiting is a great way to jump in using Tenstreet,” said Beach. “Our team puts real value on pounding the phones and mining hot and cold leads.”

Beach also stresses the importance of a healthy work/life balance. “It has always been a ‘have fun’ work environment here,” said Beach. “If you can enjoy your work and still produce hires, then we are doing something right.”

Ten4 Recruiting has proved to be a great resource for carriers looking to grow their hires in today’s driver market. Beach and his team are always dedicated to finding the highest quality hire and thinking outside of the box to get there.

If your carrier is ready to start hiring efficiently, needs extra help with recruiting, or if you’re a recruiter looking for a new opportunity, reach out to Beach and his team. Visit to get started today!

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