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Invite Drivers to Your Brand Party – But Don’t Forget to Send the Invitation

By: Natalie Orio, Account Executive, Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Apr 15, 2019

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You bought five kinds of chips, three bags of red solo cups, and everyone’s favorite beverages are on ice. The grill is smoking, the game is on TV and cornhole is set and ready to go. It’s 5pm. You expected people to be there by now but so far, your four-legged friend is your only companion. After a few thousand rounds of fetch, the game is at half time. It’s now 6:30. Only one person has shown up… and it’s your mother. What went wrong? Well my frowning festive friend, allow me to enlighten you. You forgot one teeny tiny detail that makes all the other details you thought of completely invalid. ​

You forgot to send invitations.

I know you typed up three different drafts of that Evite template. I know you painstakingly planned out your guest list … but none of that matters because you never took the time to actually hit send.

This. This is the very problem so many carriers are facing in the industry. They have this fantastic job to offer. They painstakingly place ads on Craigslist or Indeed – which is great – but only those drivers who already know who you are will apply (aka your mother). If they never promote who they are as a company (send invitations) they lack brand awareness.

The Awareness phase of the driver recruiting lead funnel is often overlooked because it is hard to tie an exact cost-per-lead or cost-per-hire to dollars spent in this bucket. However, budgets allocated to Awareness phase media like Sirius XM Radio, Social Media or a Google Display campaigns are trends in driver recruiting that should not be excluded from the recruiting strategy. Their purpose is to reach a passive audience of drivers who are not actively seeking a new opportunity. The reason for this strategy is so that YOUR company is the one that is top of mind when they are ready to make a change. It’s like the mattresses or tires theory – you never think about either of them until its time for you to replace yours. The brand you go with is the one that is most top of mind.

So, friends, I beg you … make sure not to leave out the Awareness phase of your driver recruitment strategy. Be the company that is top of mind.

I want your party to be a huge success. Please don’t forget to send out the invites!

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