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If you’ve ever worked with a trucking company, you understand the crusade that recruiters face daily to find the perfect driver. While that “perfect driver” takes many forms, the search to find them is the same. With so many job boards, digital campaigns and traditional media, the possibilities are endless. However, there is one factor that can help convert leads across the board and bring in that perfect truck driver: branding. Building a solid brand can turn a good recruiting strategy in to a great one. How do you build a brand that will send amazing truck drivers your way? These three branding strategies can put you on the path to find your ideal truck driver.

1. Encourage transparency

Within any industry, a company’s transparency is key to building long-term relationships. The “best driver” that your company strives for wants to know what they can expect when walking in on their first day. Including driver testimonials and responding to company reviews is a big step to improve your brand and your driver recruiting strategy. Responding to these reviews shows interested drivers that you care about their experience with your company and encourages conversation to help you improve your reputation.

Social media is also a great way to improve a company’s transparency. Posting internal events and milestones gives drivers insight into what the company offers. Hosting a Facebook live with an experienced driver is another way to market your company and make an impact on potential drivers.

2. Improve your pitch

Whether it’s an ad on Indeed, a Facebook ad, or a job posting on a job board, the job description is a huge part of finding the “best driver.” Truck drivers searching for jobs see countless postings that look the same but are for different companies. How will your company stand out? Focus on what the everyday life would be for the driver. Benefits and annual pay are huge for truck drivers, especially if a bonus is available.

3. Actions speak louder than words

Benefits, vacation time and the promise of a better lifestyle are great in theory, but if you don’t follow through, they mean nothing. A driver may trust the job posting, but if their friend that worked for the company tells them that none of the promises were ever delivered, a great driver could be lost. Driver referrals are still one of the most successful recruiting strategies. If a company makes false promises to their drivers, the word will spread and send great drivers in the opposite direction. If a company wants their drivers to trust them and refer great drivers to join the company, providing what you promise is crucial. Living out what you promote encourages amazing drivers to join and stay with the company.

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