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Employer Branding – An Important Piece of the Recruiting Puzzle

Emily Thompson

By: Emily Thompson

Posted: Oct 11, 2021

Categories: Marketing, Recruiting


This year, the driver recruitment process has increased in its challenges. With the competition for drivers at a new high, many companies are looking for new ways to optimize driver recruitment. When recruiting, your company’s brand is an often-overlooked factor. Solid branding is a crucial first step to get drivers interested and intrigued with a company.

Consistent branding is a major factor when recruiting drivers. It helps build brand recognition with drivers. That recognition is a huge win for companies when a driver is applying for jobs. The visual branding such as the company’s colors and logo, are a great way to grab a driver’s attention and stick in their mind. Using these visual brand representations on your postings, social media, and more is a great way to keep that brand recognition alive.

However, branding isn’t just colors and logos. A large part of branding when recruiting drivers is the messaging a company uses. Consistent job copy with information about the company is an important way for drivers to get a snapshot of what the trucking company is like. Drivers are more likely to engage with a brand that clearly communicates their goals and values as a company. Including verbiage about the company’s history and goals is a great way to deliver this information to a driver. Your brand can also use social media and traditional media with messaging about their values to draw in drivers.

In addition to using your brand to recruit new drivers, it’s important to keep the brand top of mind for your company’s current drivers. Now more than ever, drivers are receiving information from other carriers while they are on the road. It’s crucial to keep the messaging for the current drivers consistent. That includes communicating clearly with the drivers and keeping the company’s values and brand top of mind. Providing your drivers with branded swag is an impactful way to keep your drivers and prospective drivers aware of the brand. It doesn’t take a uniform to make a company’s drivers recognizable. A hat or t-shirt designed to reflect the company’s brand is a great way to keep that brand recognition among drivers alive. It’s also a great strategy for when the drivers arrive at your terminals. It can generate a lot of word-of-mouth opportunities with drivers outside the company.

Creating a consistent brand image for drivers inside and outside the company is crucial for the current hiring landscape. These are just a few great steps to get a branding strategy in play. If you want to take your branding to the next level, Conversion can help! Click here to learn more about how our full-service advertising agency can help improve your branding and recruitment.

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