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Truck Driver Recruiting: Beyond the Job Posting

Cody Tisheuar

By: Cody Tisheaur, Digital Media Strategist, Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Dec 10, 2019

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​Search Engine Marketing is crucial going into 2020. A job posting is an integral part of the recruitment process. The core of your marketing plan should include having your company’s jobs posted on a variety of online job sites. It allows a driver to find out more information about the position before applying or calling. As we move into a new year, we challenge you to think, “Is this enough to fill my trucks?”

It’s no secret that recruiting truck drivers hasn’t gotten easier. The digital space is crowded with your competitors. Standing out in an ultra-saturated market can be tough, but Conversion Interactive Agency is here to help. If Search Engine Marketing is new to your strategy for 2020, where do you even begin?​

​Short answer: Your brand reputation. How people perceive your brand in a fast-moving digital world is through your company profiles and company review ratings on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Google and Facebook. All of which allow people to post their perception of what it is or was like working for your company.

Having a good online reputation will help you stand out in a dense job market. It is especially important for drivers who decide to take a further look into a company’s culture before committing to working for them.​

According to a study from Indeed:​

  • 83% of applicants say that employee reviews impact where they apply.
  • 46% of applicants say a company’s reputation has a big impact on a decision to accept a job.
  • 97% of driver applicants research a company during the application process at some point.

Drivers are researching your company before and after they make the initial contact.

​Review scores and brand transparency have become hot topics in the digital space. So much so, that sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and even Google have made the decision to enrich the user experience by showing your company’s review score ratings on every job search. When given so many options for a truck driving position, it’s human behavior to go for the most appealing choice - in this case, the job with the best company rating. Just as product reviews matter when you shop online, your company rating matters to drivers browsing for jobs online.

Conversion Interactive Agency is committed to staying ahead in the ever-changing driver recruitment space. We have recruitment strategies and products that will help your brand stand out to job seekers and tell the story that needs to be shared. Our Reputation Management package paired with a customized Search Engine Marketing strategy will help your quality conversions skyrocket. If you are ready to stand out in the crowd, complete our form below, and let’s chat!

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