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Trucking Talk with Scott Fierman

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By: Conversion Interactive Blog Team

Posted: Sep 14, 2022

Sitting down with industry insiders in trucking never gets old.

Conversion Interactive Agency announced this week that Scott Fierman has joined the Conversion Sales Team as our National Sales Manager. We sat down with Scott during his first week at Conversion, and asked him some questions about his move to the organization, the trucking industry, and what’s most important to him. If you know him at all, you already know he values family above all. Here’s our conversation with Scott Fierman …

1. Why did you choose Conversion for your new career home?

    I was introduced to Conversion back in 2016 as an attendee for a leading background screening company in the industry. I experienced Nashville for the first time during that trip, got to meet a number of trucking people face-to-face, and quickly realized that this one conference was the greatest resource for me in gaining access to those I was looking to network with. After that conference I was hooked on anything Conversion! The energy at their shows was contagious. I built an amazing group of clients/friends who I loved seeing every time we got together. I also really enjoyed my time getting to know the people that make up Conversion, the way they carried themselves, the positive attitudes they exuded, and they became an extension of my trucking family that has been the core of my existence in this industry.

    Fast forward to this past year since the country reopened from the COVID pandemic, I had been approached on numerous occasions regarding sales opportunities. I always knew deep down that it would take an amazing opportunity for me to leave what I had built over the past decade, so I would always listen but politely decline. This past June, at Conversion’s R&R Conference, I was approached on three separate occasions by Conversion leadership with the question, “Would you ever entertain another career path?” When I asked the third individual why was I being asked that by three different people, she said, their leadership team was looking for someone to add to their team who has made a difference in the trucking industry and together they all came up with me. I then asked some within the industry if I would be a good fit for Conversion, and they said without a doubt you would be a great addition to their team and their culture.

    Since June, I’ve had the chance to speak with Conversion’s leadership team on a number of occasions as my intrigue surrounding their organization, their growth, stance amongst their clients, and overall how they are seen by their peers I questioned. Their responses, openness for change, and the direction I believe is being taken showed what I needed to hear and see to make this move happen. I want to thank everyone who played a part in what it took to get me here, and for the patience shown by the Conversion team to allow me to come to my ultimate decision. I look forward to continuing to build my story in the trucking space, and doing so alongside an industry leader/company/team I’ve come to love and admire. 

    2.  What are you most excited about joining Conversion Nation?

    Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about my clients, and I equally felt that same passion when speaking with Conversion’s leadership when it came to their clients. I also could tell that they love to win, and there is no greater rush as a salesperson than working together with a client to establish those long standing partnerships.

      During my time in trucking, I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with some incredible people/leaders/mentors so the fact that I am moving from one company to another without losing those connections and partnerships was very important to me. When I started working with my former employer back in 2009, they had little revenue with zero trucking clients. Now they sit amongst the Top 15 largest employee screening companies in the country with a huge presence in the trucking space. So, to be able to take what I built there, and combine that with what Conversion has already built, I believe the possibilities for combined success are limitless.

      Lastly, on a personal note, over my career I’ve been lucky enough to lead each organization in sales, but getting to the top, and having continued success, is not always easy. So, I pride myself as a sales leader on collaboration/giving back and look forward to being able to work alongside Conversion’s top salesperson along with mentoring those amongst the Conversion sales team.

      3. You have been in the trucking industry for almost two decades – why do you stay in this industry?

      When I got involved in the trucking industry, I learned very quickly that there was a lack of education and knowledge within this space. Companies had done an amazing job at capturing business through name recognition/loyalty, but didn’t put their clients’ needs and understanding above their own goals to win business at any costs. I realized that carriers weren’t doing what was needed to protect themselves, drivers were losing out on good jobs, and I saw the chance to truly make a difference in an industry that was in need.

      It wasn’t easy though. It took me years to breakthrough, but I am proud of what I built within the trucking industry. At my former employer, I created a movement and significantly changed how we, along with my competitors, better protected our carrier clients, ensured drivers were able to find jobs, and provided knowledge that could further enhance their overall business. Not only were my client’s best protected, but I helped them save millions of dollars along the way.

        During COVID, I realized how vital the trucking industry has become to our country, so now I consider it an honor to do my part in helping give back to carriers I work with. My coming to Conversion will only expand my reach into how I can help carriers find and attract drivers, along with the knowledge I bring as a whole within the industry.

        4. We know family is important to you, what are some fun things you enjoy doing with your family?

        Rooting for our favorite Philly sport teams and going to sporting events plays a big part in our lives.

        Soccer has played a big part in my daughter and my life. For the past 10 years I have coached my daughter’s soccer team, and these girls have become an extended part of our family.

        My daughter and I also enjoy traveling and have been to a few Caribbean Islands (Bahamas and Bermuda), Florida, and spent a lot of time at the Jersey Shore.

        This past January, my girlfriend Jenn and I combined our families together under one roof so having family meals around the dining room table, traveling with our kids, seeing sporting events, and going to the Jersey Shore together has really been an important step as our kids, one by one, each year leave for college.

        5. Football season is just kicking off all over the country – do you have a favorite team?

          Absolutely. I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

          6. Do you enjoy traveling, if so, what’s your favorite travel spot?

          I love to travel and have been to a number of Caribbean Islands. My favorite, by far, has been Aruba where I went with Jenn for my prior employers President’s Club last September!

          7. You have seen success in the trucking industry – what do you think is the secret to success in trucking?

            First and foremost, I believe you need to have an honest approach. I also believe you need to understand not only what makes your products/services unique, but also that of your competition as well.

            I learned that not every carrier may be a fit to buy your product so I have no issue in walking away from business, and/or making sure I can help steer them in the right direction if that makes sense. I learned in trucking that helping someone today may come back around in the future with the amount of movement that happens in the trucking industry.

            Lastly, I believe you need to show respect to everyone. Too many times I’ve seen small to mid-size carriers get treated differently than a larger size carrier. I am always willing to provide my industry knowledge and speak with any carrier that approaches me.

            8. Tell us something about you that we might be surprised to find out.

              My favorite music is hip hop/rap music. As a kid, I listened to the Beastie Boys, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, and Big Daddy Kane. As luck would have it, during my time working for a telecom company back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I was lucky enough to be introduced to Busta Rhymes and his Flipmode Squad Family by a client of mine. That opened the door, and allowed me to cross paths with some of the greatest hip hop legends of all time (Jay-Z and Roc Nation, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Bad Boy Records, 50 Cent, Lil Kim, Freeway, Memphis Bleek, and Nelly to name a few). It was an amazing time and one that will always stick out as a highlight to my professional career.

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