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Trucking’s Premier Data Community, Fleet Intel Releases Q4 2023 Benchmarking Brief

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By: Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Feb 2, 2024

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Fleet Intel, a division of Conversion Interactive Agency, announces the release of the data community's Q4 2023 Benchmarking Brief Report highlighting trends in truck driver and diesel technician pay for the transportation industry. The brief highlights data from Q4 2023, such as Average Weekly Pay by Driver Type, Average Pay by Trailer Type for multiple driver types, and Average Weekly Pay by Technician Type. The report sheds light on crucial industry trends, revealing driver pay trends throughout the quarter.

The Q4 benchmarking brief shows a reduction in the average pay for most trailer types. According to Vice President of Fleet Intel, Steve Sichterman, this reduction is primarily driven by demand, as the lack of a real holiday peak led to a decline in demand for non-asset power units in the final quarter of last year.

“Q4 continued the downward trend for pay,” said Sichterman. “The significant observation here is that new hire driver pay is decreasing across most channels as freight has remained a challenge. It's important to note that this pertains to pay for new hires and not current drivers.”

During Q4, the national average weekly pay for both CNG and Diesel technicians was slightly over $35 per hour. It is important to understand that the average pay by market varies greatly each quarter. Factors such as demand for skilled technicians, economic conditions, and industry trends contribute to this fluctuation.

"Comparing driver pay information with that of other carriers in target freight markets can play a vital role in winning new business for carriers," noted Sichterman. "We aim to deliver up-to-the-minute data to assist recruiting, sales, and operations teams in comprehending driver pay dynamics within their operational markets."

CLICK HERE to access Fleet Intel's Q4 2023 Benchmarking Brief.

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