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Why Feed the Top of the Driver Lead Funnel

By: Steve Sichterman, VP Client Services, Conversion Interactive Agency

Posted: Feb 10, 2021

Categories: Marketing, Recruiting

If you build it, they will come. This quote, from the iconic movie Field of Dreams, could not say it any better. Drivers have options for where they want to work and the company they want to work for. As someone responsible for attracting and ultimately hiring these drivers, it is vital that you be perceived as an employer of choice.

Seems simple, you have a great company – why wouldn’t they want to work here? Your company has a great culture, you pay well, you get them home, you have benefits, etc. Yet you are still struggling to attract the drivers you need.

The issue is not what you offer, it is that your target audience, the driver, does not know any of these things. That is where your driver recruitment advertising strategy starts.

All good advertising and marketing strategies fall within the three categories of the Driver Lead Funnel: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. For years, most recruiting leaders have been focused on the Conversion or lead generation and hiring category of the lead funnel. While this is the goal, the journey for an applicant must start at the top. Awareness is the most important part of the journey. Without it, how does the applicant know who you are?

What is awareness? Marketing strategies in the Awareness category of the Driver Lead Funnel is the advertising that your company does to educate prospects so they can get to know your brand and want to learn more. It is the most overlooked piece of a marketing plan and the most important. Why? Most people do not know how to measure its effectiveness.

The key performance indicators for Awareness are Impressions (how many people see your brand), clicks (how many people interact with your brand) click through rate (how much and where they are looking) and new/return sessions (how many people come back to learn more).

Consider your marketing strategy. Does it incorporate a robust marketing plan for the Awareness category of the Driver Lead Funnel? If so, what resources have you dedicated to it? Studies show that at least 15% of your budget should be dedicated to telling your audience who you are.

Need help mapping out a full funnel strategy for your driver recruiting needs? We can help.

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