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With a wide range of professional driving options in multiple segments, Bennett needed a campaign that featured the various options but tied them together visually. Conversion created a campaign with a consistent visual anchor utilizing the company’s “United in Spirit” message but showcased each segment with a different driver representative along with the specific truck or haul type to make it more effective in recruiting. 

Social Advertising

Using well-branded creative pieces with division-specific imagery, Bennett kept their social advertising CPL under a mere $2.50 for their Driveaway Pickup and Driver Only divisions. 

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Cost Per Lead

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Digital Marketing

A well-rounded strategy is crucial when it comes to digital marketing. Bennett has implemented a series of display campaigns that drove their cost-per-click to $.10. 

Clicks Per Month

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Through custom branded swag and apparel, Bennett allows their drivers to show their pride on and off the road. 

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