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When it comes to truck driver recruitment, strategies are always changing to allow new innovations. Over the past five years, the influx of technology challenged the trucking industry to up their game when recruiting drivers. Whether it’s search engine marketing, social media, or incorporating video content into the mix, the new landscape has a promise of many new, exciting things to come. With these innovations, video content becomes more integral to creating a great advertising strategy.

According to the PDA and Conversion Interactive Agency’s 2021 Annual Report, the average truck driver video views each quarter was 273,610. This is expected to

grow in 2022, where it’s estimated that 82% of all online content will be video. With this increase in video content, it’s vital for trucking companies to utilize video into their truck driver recruiting media mix.

In addition to showing videos about your carrier’s brand, we recommend including some unique and fun videos. The best performing driver recruiting videos of 2021 included clever and comedic videos and behind-the-scenes content. With the rise of platforms like TikTok, the need for engaging videos will only increase.

Identifying brand ambassadors can be an excellent source for creating engaging videos. With the rise of video on social media platforms, it’s very likely that your drivers are already on TikTok and YouTube creating content. Working with these drivers is a great way to get engaging content. It’s also a way to spread positive brand awareness for your company.

A good video marketing strategy is not only about the content. It’s vital to use the video content you create in your overall marketing strategy. It’s important to add these videos to multiple platforms such as landing pages and Tier 2 Search Engines. In the 2021 Annual Report, drivers listed videos as a top way to gain information about a truck driving job. Including video content on these sites is a great way to give drivers information about your company in a refreshing way.

It’s also important to use video content on social media platforms, especially short videos. Social media allows companies to engage with their drivers in a more passive way. The videos posted on TikTok and YouTube can also be cross-posted on Facebook and Instagram. Cross-posting the videos is a great way to reach your target audience of drivers on multiple platforms.

Video content strategy is full of possibilities. With the increase of video content in 2022, using these strategies will become an important part of truck driver recruiting. It’s time to get creative with how your company uses videos when recruiting drivers. If you want to learn more about video content strategy, Conversion is here to help.

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